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Are you dealing with an unwelcome infestation from flying predatory insects? Whilst they have an important role to play in the natural world as a reliable pollinator of plants, they can become a serious problem when they set up shop around people’s homes or workplaces. When feeling threatened they can give painful stings and many people are dangerously allergic to them, so having them hang around can be a major issue.

So how do you identify when you have an issue and how do you know when it’s time to call a wasp exterminator?

Identify the nests

Do you know what a nest looks like? The nest of a paper wast often resembles a honeycomb. The nest itself will resemble the txture of paper and are often found in shaded areas like the porch of homes or on the branch of trees in your garden.

Why call a wasp exterminator?

If you’ve realised that you have nests and a potential problem then you might be wondering whether or not it’s actually necessary to call a wasp exterminator. One thing you should remember is that they are a much more aggressive pest than bees and they like to set up their nests around the entry points of the home such as around the front door. You might just be coming or going from your home and accidentally provoke one – nobody wants to get stung whilst going about their day. In addition to their painful first stings, they can actually sting repeatedly unlike honeybee’s which will die after their first sting. Calling a wasp exterminator is the safest way to deal with this dangerous pest.

When to Call a wasp exterminator?

wasp exterminator

If you’re noticing nests around your home and the presence of the pests is starting to disrupt your life then it’s time to call a wasp exterminator. It’s dangerous to have these pests around your home, especially if you suffer from allergies or you have young family members. It’s especially important if you like to spend time outdoors as they can disrupt your enjoyment of the outdoor space. You should also keep in mind that they love sweet foods and beverages and may be attracted inside your home by the smell of sugary drinks or food, don’t risk having them fly around your house, call a professional!

In some situations, you might see some of them flying around but won’t be able to spot their nest. The nest may have been established in a high up area or in a place that’s hard to see, professionals are experienced with finding the lairs and can get rid of them effectively. Professionals will also have the right experience to ensure that they remove the nests in a safe and efficient way. If you leave colonies to grow they will become more and more dangerous over time and it will be easier to provoke them. You should also know that killing one can release pheromones which will make others more aggressive, so it’s important to safely remove them.

What does a wasp exterminator cost?

For less complicated treatments or smaller infestation issues you might expect to pay around $325 to $450 for a treatment and the removal of the nest. If you have a complicate problem or a colony that is well established then you can probably expect to spend a bit more money. A treatment for a hard to manage colony might cost you around $500 to $1000 or even more if you need repeated treatments to deal with the infestation. The cost will depend on the skills and experience of the professional you choose.…