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While purchasing from electrical wholesalers is simple and straightforward for most seasoned tradies, it’s a different story for people new to the industry. The last thing you want to do is spend your hard-earned money on a product or appliance that is unreliable, defective or incompatible with your current setup. Cheap, low-quality products from dodgy electrical wholesalers will actually cost you more money in the long-term since they are often the cause of fires and hazardous conditions. While you can usually purchase the items you need from your local hardware retailer or convenience store, you won’t reap the advantages of bypassing them and going straight to electrical wholesalers. So, here’s everything you need to know about bypassing your local retailers and going directly to the distributor.

Reasonable prices

Most customers bypass retailers because it’s cheaper to go straight to the manufacturer or distributor. Retailers are often beholden to adding a percentage mark-up, so the further along the supply chain you go, the higher the prices will be. The retailers you usually purchase from are most likely getting their products from one of the electrical wholesalers in the region. So, you can save yourself a fair bit of money by ordering straight the distributor, since the price you pay won’t include transportation costs and other necessary fees that add to the retailer’s mark-up.

One-stop shop

Another great benefit of going straight to electrical wholesalers is how comprehensive and diverse their range is. If you’re in the market for several essential items, chances are you’ll need to stop off at a few different retailers or outlets to get exactly what you need. On the other hand, the large-scale distributors will have everything you need, meaning you won’t need to stop off at any different store. You can also put more faith in the quality and safety of their products. If you have any issues with one of your purchases, get in touch with your provider for a replacement/refund! This makes the shopping process more accessible, effortless and more affordable.

More conducive to online shopping

One of the drawbacks of shopping for electrical wholesalers is their geographic visibility and availability. They aren’t strictly available on every street corner, whereas retailers certainly have a stronger concentration of outlets across both metropolitan and regional areas. Having said this, most distributors have reliable online shopping platforms, which means you don’t even need to travel to your local direct outlet for great deals. All you need to do is hop online, purchase the items you want and have them delivered to your door. However, make sure your details are secure, and if you are concerned or suspicious about anything, do not share your information.

While you might have to pay a delivery fee, these charges are generally reasonable. Furthermore, most providers will offer free delivery if you spend a certain amount, so if you’re willing to purchase in bulk and reach that limit, delivery fees become null and void.

Perfect for massive projects

If you’re a tradie working on a large-scale project or a regular homeowner completing some intense DIY work around your property, then purchasing from the direct outlet is the most cost-efficient decision. If all you need to do is replace some faulty wiring or some lighting fixtures, then it makes sense to go to the local retailer for ease and convenience. However, with something more comprehensive and time-consuming, we recommend ordering what you need from one of the electrical wholesalers in your region.

Terrific level of expertise

Finally, electrical wholesalers are generally the best groups to speak to when you need clarification on technical issues relating to products or processes. While some retailers might be able to assist with your inquiries, you’re in safer hands should you go straight to the distributor. If you want the best of the best, make sure you go directly to the distributor!…

Electricians hands testing switches in electric box.

When you are scouring the web for electrical wholesalers near me there are a couple of things that you should consider before you jump right into it. For many new businesses or electricians can fall into these easy to avoid traps. If you fall into this category then read closely as well will discuss some of the things that you should avoid and be aware of to get the most out of your business.

How close are they to you

If you are searching for electrical wholesalers near me then you obviously actually want the business to be close to you. There are some sneaky online tactics people can use to capture your search that may not actually be that close to you in the long run. Before you go off to the first one that you contact or find online you should actually look into them a bit more.

Google results pages are a great way to find these outlets but be sure to throw them into Google Maps as well. This way you can actually see where they are located and if they are convenient to your location.

Your first find might not be your best

When people are looking for electrical wholesalers near me they usually need something then and now. This means that they often overlook some of the competition and go with the first retailer that they see. You should consider that the first result on the Google search page might not be the best fit for you. There are many different retailers out there that all offer their own unique take. A competitive advantage may be price, location or many more.

With that in mind, you should search through a couple of places before you dive right into one. It doesn’t take long to look at a few more result entries or even give them a call. Having a chat over the phone could also give you an insight into the customer service skills and can help you discover if you would work well with this particular retailer if you are going to be using their business for an extended period of time.

They can help you out

While the relationships between retailers and tradies can be very complex, ultimately they exist to help you out. However, they also offer some extra support that you may not know about.

They sell to electricians

If you are on the job and need something specifically for something then these retailers are more than happy to take you order and help get the part in that you need. You can even email them with your exact specifications to save even more time.

Give advice

Another factor that many people overlook when looking for electrical wholesalers near me is that they can also offer advice. There may be new technology, products or just news that could be relevant to you and your field. For example if a new method of doing some has been discovered they will be able to tell you about it so you are even more efficient at what you do.

Special deals

If you are a regular customer and are going to be placing large orders you can score yourself a bulk or special deal. Many places will advertise this on their website when you are searching for electrical wholesalers near me. If you require something that may be a bit difficult to obtain if you choose the right retailer they may also be able to get it in at a discounted rate for you as well.…