ALA-PIVOT (Power Forward)

He is one of the most stout players on the team, although not as big as the pivot. They are much more agile and coordinated concerning basketball years ago. They usually play from indoor spaces of medium distance or very close gaps. When they do it near the hoop, they typically do it on their backs. From 4 or 5 meters, they have good shooting percentages and excellent ability to play one against one, in penetration. If they are good passers, especially from the high post or free kick, they can be lethal in the game. They are quick to run the counterattack. One of its most critical purposes is to rebound in attack and defense. He is known as a player who plays “4”.

PIVOT (Center)

He is the largest and most burly of the team. In this position, weight and strength take on great importance. It is essential that you master the use of the body to gain space. Having a dominant pivot opens up endless tactical possibilities in the team. He has right movements playing with his back to the defender. Their playing area is usually close to the basket, although, in modern basketball, they have better skills every time, to go outside the perimeter to shoot. For the teams, it can be very advantageous to take out the edge of the big players, mainly, for the free space left near the basket. They are known as players who play in the “5” position.

In conclusion, basketball is a sport that is continually evolving. The functions that the different roles play are adapting over time, to the new tendencies of the game. That is why coaches must be in continuous training. Who knows, if, in the future, some traditional positions will cease to exist, giving rise to new ones.

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